Perth - Two day Seminar: Soil Health, Your Health

Perth - Two day Seminar: Soil Health, Your Health


Soil Health and Your Wealth - the Dynamics of Productivity

Join us on 

The Boulevard Centre - 99 The Blvd, Floreat
8.30am to 5pm daily

Don’t miss this two-day seminar led by internationally acclaimed nutrition specialist, Graeme Sait.

Ten Reasons to join us:

  1. This a rare opportunity to hear an acclaimed, inspirational speaker.
  2. You will discover an array of profit building tools. NTS has identified multiple strategies to build yield and efficiency.
  3. To comprehend key ratios in the soil and plant to build production and resilience.
  4. To increase your crop and soil monitoring skills and improve yield and quality.
  5. To understand the secrets of harnessing soil biology as your hidden workforce.
  6. You will be better equipped to handle the impact of peak oil, climate change and economic issues.
  7. You will be given invaluable information to improve your own health and that of your family.
  8. To gain an in-depth understanding of the relationship between nutrition and pest pressure.
  9. This course will help you understand that Nutrition Farming® is the shape of the future.
  10. To learn cutting-edge strategies to improve the health of your farm, your garden, you 

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Contact Neil if you have any questions or dietary requirements.