Farm Saver Multi-Plex
Farm Saver Multi-Plex

Farm Saver Multi-Plex



A 10-10-10 NPK complete liquid fertiliser with chelated trace minerals, bio-promotion and plant growth promoters.

Farm Saver® Multi-Plex is a liquid fertiliser to improve overall plant and soil health. It consists of a super, plant-available NPK combined with luxury levels of the key trace elements utilising the Shuttle® chelation technology. Farm Saver® Multi-Plex also contains soluble kelp, growth promotants and fulvic and amino acids for optimum nutrition.


  • Healthy, vigorous growth.
  • Improved root structure.
  • More even fruit size and better colour.
  • Earlier maturity.
  • Increased yield and quality.
  • Better taste and shelf life.
  • Broad-spectrum nutrition and plant growth promotion.