4 Day - Certificate in Nutrition Farming®
4 Day - Certificate in Nutrition Farming®

4 Day - Certificate in Nutrition Farming®


Learn from the best.

Don’t miss this leading sustainable agriculture course by internationally acclaimed nutrition specialist, Graeme Sait, CEO of Nutri-Tech Solutions. In the last 12 months Graeme has met with Ministers and Secretaries of Agriculture in several of the 30 countries he has visited. He has educated and inspired thousands of people including leading scientists and consultants. Most importantly however, Graeme has equipped farmers around the globe with the tools they need to move toward a more profitable and sustainable future.

The Certificate in Nutrition Farming® - Increase Yields and Plant Health, Reduce Spending and Chemical Inputs. It's four days that could change the way you farm. This is the first time the NTS Nutrition Farming course has been offered in Perth - it is an internationally acclaimed course, which is offered at venues around the world, every year.  Click here for more info on this course offered by Nutri-Tech. 

Join us on 

TUESDAY 26 to FRIDAY 29 September 2017
Venue TBC - Perth area
8am to 5:15pm for four-consecutive days. 
$799pp which includes GST, all refreshments, 300-page course manual and five online exams.

Note: - Please arrive 30 mins early (7:30am) on the first day for registration. A $100 surcharge will apply for cancellations in the week of the seminar to help compensate for prearranged catering charges.

The Course delivery is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application via class-participation demonstrations. Course themes include the management of 5 key areas:


  • Calcium, Boron and Silica 
  • Missing Minerals 
  • Phosphorus 
  • Magnesium 
  • Nitrogen and Sulfur 
  • Potassium and Sodium


  • The Soil Foodweb 
  • Composting 
  • Plant Therapy and the Big Four 
  • Specialist Inocula and Compost Tea 
  • Seed Treatment, Liquid Inject and Foliar Seed 


  • Monitoring Tools 
  • IPM and Disease Management 
  • Building Crop Resilience 
  • Weed Management 
  • Nutrition Farming® Anecdotes


  • Microbe Brewing Demonstration 
  • Mastering Micro-Nutrients 
  • Humus Saves the World 
  • Chelation, Fulvic and Growth Promotants

Human Health 

  • Human Microbe Management 
  • Reclaiming Wellness
  • Human Health Workshop

Email Neil or call 0429 599 977 if you have any course questions or dietary requirements.